Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Start -- The Story's Own Place

I write the story of my eldest son's car accident. It is a story of miracles. It is a story of trials. It is a long story which may not find its conclusion until one of us comes to our end.

Until now, the story has been on my Xanga blog, mixed in with any number of other writings. For those who have followed my ups and downs in the struggle to put our experiences on pixels, it must be somewhat frustrating.

So, I am providing the story with its very own space. The completed parts will migrate here and each new section will post here at its completion.

Until the migration is complete, follow these links to read it:

Song: Miracle Boy

Chapter One -- Into the Tunnel
Part 1 -- Eclipse
Part 2 -- Preparation

Chapter Two -- Getting There
Part 1 -- Is This Car Moving?
Part 2 -- The Great Physician
Part 3 -- Care for Everyone
Part 4 -- Birth Memories
Part 5 -- What's in a Name?
Part 6 -- Wisdom Beyond His Years
Part 7 -- A Message

Chapter Three -- Finding Out
Part 1 -- Extent of the Damage
Part 2 -- Our New Home
Part 3 -- Last box of Toothpicks
Part 4 -- Dispatch Scramble
Part 5 -- Jigsaw Puzzle

Chapter Four -- Weekend of Waiting
Part 1 -- Good News and Bad News
Part 2 -- Blanket of Prayer
Part 3 -- Spike!
Part 4 -- Hospitality

Chapter Five -- A Little Hope?
Part 1 -- Numbers and More Numbers
Part 2 -- Sacrifice of Praise

We invite you to pray with us for Arif's healing.

I also entered a contest with this video.

After talking with Steve, I fiddled with the video some. This is the result. Which do you like better?

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