Sunday, August 17, 2008

Miracle Boy Song

Came a call this morning:
a parent’s worst nightmare come true.
“No, it’s not a good day.”
So we rush to be at his side
we call on Your mercy
asking only “Your will be done.”
Now, our child lies so still.
We watch our lives turned inside out.

Still You hold us near.
Your heart enfolds all our lives.
When we cry “Abba!”
Your love shows through everything.

Days and weeks of waiting:
his life hangs by less than a thread.
You give him all the best.
You promised we’d have all we need.
We watch the monitors--
try to make the best decisions.
You take the hardest ones
We cling to You as best we can.


You send us Your comfort:
Prayers come from all over the world.
Hear: “Can I pray with you?”
His short life touched many others.
Still he shows You to all.
And we marvel at Your power
to meet not just our needs,
but those of all who brush our lives.


His Recov’ry comes slow.
Days and weeks flow into long years.
We use the gifts You give
and struggle to keep our focus.
The love we hold for You
carries us when we’re discouraged.
We thank You for his life
And now wonder what You have planned.


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